Drive hundreds of top consulting candidates directly to your job pages
with our pay per click advertising
Hundreds of consulting candidates sent directly to your job pages

If you are a UK based recruiter and have consulting jobs on your web site and would like hundreds of additional candidates to see your online job adverts each month then can help.

Attract Hundreds of Consulting Candidates to Your Job Pages

Our job search engines send over 25,000 candidates directly to our clients’ job pages each month. Client sites such as have used us to achieve market leadership in internet recruiting - at a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising. Now, you too can push up your direct applications, reduce the cost of applications and get a better return on your corporate job pages by subscribing to our pay per click service.

Pay Only For Candidates That Visit Your Job Pages

With, you only pay if a job listed on our site gets clicked. We currently charge 25p per click and there is no charge for time displayed on the site. We will also set up the feed to our site for free – with us, you pay for results.

Our rate of 25p per click is very competitive. Search engine pay per click costs for targeted search terms far exceed this, whilst traditional online recruitment campaigns often work out at more than 50p per advert view – with no reduction in cost if the campaign doesn’t deliver. With our service, you send candidates directly to your corporate site at a lower rate and have your spend directly linked to our success in delivering targeted candidates.

Set and Control Your Own Budget

Your total monthly budget can be set for as little as £100 a month. You therefore decide how much you want to pay. For example if you have only £100 to spend in a month promoting all your roles then, after 400 clicks have been received in a month, we will de-activate your ads for you.

You decide when the jobs are to be listed and when they are to be removed. Via our control panel, you can switch off any job at any time and your charging for that job will stop immediately.

Submit Your Site and Let Us Do the Rest

If you submit your job pages, our IT department will index your pages and get back to you with a trial display. Should this be acceptable to you, we will activate your account and your jobs will start to be shown. That’s it - there’s no need to learn how to post to yet one more complicated job board system. We’ll do it all for you!

We understand that corporate recruiters require proper account management and monthly billing procedures that fit in with their payment processes. That’s why we invoice monthly in arrears and will wait for PO numbers to be agreed.

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