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Professional Contractors Group (PCG)

The organization and the mission

The Professional Contractors Group (PCG) is a British trade association, owned and run by its members – independent consultants and contractors, whose mission is to advocate the best interests of professionals employed in this sector before policy makers in the UK.

The PCG was established in 1999 in protest of a tax statute that adversely affected freelance consultants and was ultimately a reflection of the policy makers’ lack of understanding for freelance professionals and their position on the market. Since 1999, the PCG has tackled a broader scope of issues relevant to freelance consultants and contractors than just taxes and its membership has grown to as many as 15,000 independent consultants and contractors.

Today, the Professional Contractors Group is a non-profit organization whose mission is to represent the interests of self-employed professionals in the UK who prefer not to invest any serious efforts into business expansion with their own firms. The members come from different industry sectors and areas of expertise, ranging from information technology and project management to marketing and finance. The Professional Contractors Group serves as a collective voice for individual consultants and contractors and strives to make their professional needs and endeavours more visible to policy makers.

PCG: criteria and standards

Membership in the PCG is open to independent consultants, contractors and other freelance professionals from various industry sectors: information technology, management, finance, telecommunications, oil, etc. There are five types of membership. Each package is suited to the professional needs of a different group of freelance professionals and each comes with a different annual fee. Any contractor or consultant who joins the Professional Contractors Group agrees to uphold PCG’s professional standards and reputation and not to claim the Group’s support or represent its views without the approval of the Board.

Career benefits for management consultants in the PCG

As a professional body that represents and supports contractors who run their businesses by themselves, the Professional Contractors Group also offers consultants and contractors a wide variety of useful resources and practical advice, including a helpline for tips and advice regarding any legal or tax issues members may need assistance with, members-only discussion forums, contract templates, insurance cover against tax inspection costs, etc.

Other services the PCG offers to members include business travel, car offers, credit management, CV review, etc. Members can also get discounts on various training courses if they decide that they need to improve their knowledge of information technology or acquire soft or executive skills.

Visit the PCG website at