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Management Consultancies Association (MCA)

The organization and the mission

The Management Consultancies Association (MCA) is the leading management consulting industry body in the UK. Founded by four UK consulting firms in 1956, the trade association supports and promotes management consultancies’ role in the British economy, helps draw top talent into the consulting sector, helps create the optimal environment for member firms’ business operations, represents their interests to consulting industry clients, the government and the public, and constantly works to provide UK management consultants with new career opportunities.

The MCA currently has 64 member firms and represents around 70 percent of the consulting industry in the UK, including eight of the top 10 British consulting firms.

MCA: criteria and standards

Consulting firms must have a solid record of performance on the UK market in order to join the MCA. Only firms that have been in practice for no fewer than three years and that employ at least 10 consultants full time are considered for full membership. The member consulting firms, which are audited each year even once they are admitted, must also offer at least two main consulting services – e.g. Strategy Consulting, Change Management, HR Consulting, Outsourcing – to their clients and practice management consulting as a strategic activity.

To become MCA members, the firms must be able to provide evidence of their qualifications and offer their accounts from the previous three years, as well as references from five consulting clients.

Career benefits for management consultants working for MCA member firms

Management consulting firms that are successful in fulfilling the strict MCA membership criteria are generally considered to be dependable, quality businesses that have proven their value in the consulting sector over the years.

MCA members can get direct client referrals and meet leaders and influential figures in industry and the public sector through the consulting association. MCA clients include FTSE 100 companies and UK government departments.

The MCA has a long-standing relationship with the media and countless other resources – market intelligence, marketing programs, publications, studies, insights into best practices in consulting, etc. – that can help consulting companies gain a more prominent position in the sector and subsequently draw the high profile clients that go with it. The member firms and consultants can also attend any of the MCA events and seminars, which allows them to network, exchange best practices, form new business alliances, and discover new career opportunities.

Consulting companies that join the MCA also have a number of opportunities to promote their brand and business globally by contributing articles to any of the MCA’s publications or sponsoring any of the associaton’s events.

The most successful consulting firms, projects and consultants can gain even more prominence at the MCA Consultant of the Year Awards, which the association launched in 2007 to further promote excellence in the consulting sector.

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