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Institute of Business Consulting (IBC)

The organization and the mission

The Institute of Business Consulting is the trade association for all business consultants, one whose aim is to uphold standards of professionalism and improve the business performance of members' client firms from all industry sectors in the UK.

The IBC was established in 2007, with the merger of the Institute of Management Consultancy and the Institute of Business Advisers. It is an industry body within the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). The CMI Committee of Board of Trustees form the Council that runs the IBC, while the IBC elects Council Chairman to represent the association on the issues of strategy and development.

By setting high goals for itself – drawing a greater number of members, increasing the number of Certified Management Consultants by 25% by the year 2010, offering the membership better benefits, etc. – the Institute of Business Consulting aims to set new standards in management consulting. By increasing awareness of various qualifications, the IBC not only helps advance consultants' careers, but also to reassure potential clients of possible risks when they are seeking advice from management consultants.

IBC: criteria and standards

Anyone who is employed in the business consulting sector can become a member of the IBC. The Institute offers several grades of membership to consultants and consultancy firms, depending on their profile and needs.

Member organizations that offer business consulting services are able to show their clients that they are dedicated to upholding higher standards and that they are invested in the ongoing professional development of their employees. By joining the IBC, all members agree to follow the Institute's Code of Professional Conduct and Practice.

Career benefits for management consultants working for IBC member firms

IBC membership gives management consultants an opportunity to develop their existing skills in business and to advance their consulting careers by giving them access to a number of knowledge resources, to consultancy awards, and to widely recognized professional qualifications.

Member companies' clients have additional reassurance that all projects will be approached with utmost professionalism and all tasks accomplished by high quality business consultants whose work and career are guided by a high degree of competence and excellence.

Consultants also get access to the resources at the Management Information Centre, to different opportunities for ongoing professional development and a chance to network with other management consultants at regional and central events.

Visit the IBC website at