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Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

The organization and the mission

The Chartered Management Institute is the only chartered management trade association in the UK. By promoting and supporting high standards in the management arena and by offering managers the training necessary for them to deal with daily challenges in a productive way, the CMI contributes to the overall improvement of any company’s business performance.

As the leading authority on issues concerning management, the CMI is often consulted by policy makers and other influential figures, as it always has a finger on the pulse of the latest management trends. The Institute conducts surveys among its 71,000 members regularly to find out what the hot issues are at any given point. The CMI’s work on matters regarding policy keeps management high on the agenda and lends credibility to the profession in the eyes of the public.

CMI: criteria and standards

Membership is open to anyone whose interests, careers and professional goals lie in the domain of management. A person does not have to actively be pursuing a career as a manager to be a member of the CMI. Those without professional qualifications or experience are welcome to join the Institute at the affiliate level, while managers who are either qualified professionals or have three years of experience under their belt can join the CMI at the associate level.

Career benefits for management consultants working for the CMI member firms

The CMI is dedicated to helping managers improve their skills and knowledge as well as advance their careers. Other than keeping them informed on the current big issues in management, the CMI also provides them with a wide range of products and services which include consulting, an interactive online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) system and other useful career information in general. Members also get subscription to the Institute’s official magazine, Professional Manager.

Various benefits of membership in the CMI set companies and individual managers apart from industry peers and give them a higher professional standing. This is particularly the case with the members who earn the status of Chartered Manager.

The CMI has 85 branches throughout the UK, which organize more than 300 career events each year. The events focus on networking, policy, best practice, career support, latest management research and trends, and so on. As an Awarding Body for management, the Institute also offers members a wide range of professional qualifications, tailored to their professional experience and competence level and designed to improve their management and leadership skills. The CMI qualification programmes, which include certificates for strategic management and team leading, are available in any of the Institute’s 500 Approved Centres in Britain.

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