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Job search tips to advance your career in management consulting

Every once in a while, every management consultant finds him or herself searching for a new job. He or she is faced with several decisions regarding how to structure his or her CV and cover letter, what information to include, what to leave out, which format to use for the resume, and so on.

Job boards, e-mail and online resume submissions have made things much faster, especially for recruiters and employers, who now have to sift through a myriad of applications every time they advertise a job. As a result, the form of the resume has also had to undergo some minor alterations, guided by the imperative of the 30 second deadline to get the recruiters' attention and make the job seeker stand out among other applicants.

The CV is not the only thing that can make you look good to a prospective employer. An elegantly written cover letter can also be quite effective in getting you the job interview if it brings out whatever it is that is best in your resume. Finally, to make the best possible impression on the recruiter, you can send him a brief note and thank him for his time.

Standing out among a number of other hopefuls is not difficult, since most people are not even aware that writing the CV and cover letter calls for a little more craft than they can come up within the hour they spend writing them. There are, however, some basic guidelines to follow. Read the articles below to see what they are: